ConnectedText – The Personal Wiki System

What is ConnectedText?

ConnectedText is a powerful but simple information management system Internet streaming. It is based on wiki principles. Indeed, it is best described as a personal or desktop wiki. Yet, to characterize it as a “personal” or “desktop wiki” does not even begin to do justice to it 플레이스토어 무한.ConnectedText is so much more:

  • It is a free-form note-taking and note-management application that allows you to keep an unlimited number of notes in one or many files 다운로드. The information can be accessed at an instant through sophisticated full-text searches, which can span all open files. Navigation between topics is a breeze download ibatis. ConnectedText works like a notebook with an unlimited number of pages, which can be linked with one another easily by wiki-type links.
  • It is also a free text database with hyper-linking ability Download Satan Tango. This provides you with a fast and easy way to store, structure and organize all your notes. With ConnectedText you can master a tremendous quantity of information available and necessary to do well in today’s world
  • It is a thinking tool or a work pad for your ideas and thoughts, allowing you to structure and organize them by means of categories and in many other ways Download the kite of Detective Conan Crimson. ConnectedText can be as simple or sophisticated as you wish it to be.
  • It is a semantic desktop application that can help you better to understand the meaning of your data 도깨비 7회.
  • It has a very capable outliner. ConnectedText’s outlining view works like a one-pane outliner. But it can also be made to work two-pane outliner internet explorer 9 64 bit 다운로드. Topics can be dragged into the outline view, for instance.
  • It can also be used as a clipboard collection tool. When the clipboard catcher is turned on, anything copied to the Windows clipboard is automatically transferred to a ConnectedText topic 킹덤 만화책. You can also drag and drop information from almost any source on the Web or your computer.

With ConnectedText you can easily create any kind of database, be it for personal or professional use Download the dsn viewer. It is so flexible that you can store:

  • all the information you find on the Web and find worth keeping,
  • all your thoughts and ideas,
  • code snippets,
  • addresses and contact information,
  • tasks and to do lists,
  • recipes,
  • dates
  • records of any kind,
  • the data of your professional research,
  • electronic books or texts, etc.

How you use it is limited only by your imagination. Whether you intend to write a paper, a book, or simply want to keep track of information for any kind of project, ConnectedText can help.

Easy to install

ConnectedText is really easy to install. You don’t need to be an expert to get started with it. Just run the installer and in less than 1 minute you have ConnectedText ready to be used. No need to install a server or additional software. Unlike other desktop wikis there is no need to download software packages or to struggle with arcane configuration settings.

Powerful user interface

ConnectedText has a modern user interface including docking windows, toolbars and tabs. It allows yout to work on many projects simultaneously. Each with its own set of topics and links. It is even possible to link topics from one area to topics of another. Easily drag text, images, files and URLs into a topic.

Do you need to locate a particular text? No problem. With ConnectedText’s full text search capabilities it is possible to search text within all open projects simultaneously and instantaneously. Do you want to know what are the last topics that were changed? ConnectedText lists all topics modified in chronological order.

ConnectedText – A personal wiki system

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