QSR – NVivo for Mac Full License with Educational Price

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You might be working with qualitative data to evaluate social policy, review patient feedback, research youth culture, or undertake postgraduate research. The challenge with this sort of research is that once you’ve collected your information, what do you with it? How do you quickly find the valuable answers that respondents are giving you from the collection of data you have across numerous sources 혹성탈출 종의전쟁?

That’s where NVivo comes in. 

NVivo is software that supports qualitative and mixed methods research Download Hancom Taza Practice 2018. It’s designed to help you organize, analyze and find insights in unstructured, or qualitative data like: interviews, open-ended survey responses, articles, Social media and web content 아기 상어 mp3.

When working with qualitative data, if you don’t use NVivo, your work will be more time consuming, challenging to manage, and hard to navigate. Importantly, completing this kind of research without software can make it very hard to discover connections in your data and find new insights that will give you an edge Download inDesign 2018.

NVivo gives you a place to organize and manage your material so that you can start to find insights in your data. It also provides tools that allow you to ask questions of your data in a more efficient way 64 bit exe 다운로드.

By using NVivo to support your research project you can:

  • Work more efficiently
  • Save time
  • Quickly organize, store and retrieve data
  • Uncover connections in ways that aren’t possible manually
  • Rigorously back-up findings with evidence

With NVivo, your research is portable Angelstone. You can work in the field, at work, at home – anywhere. NVivo also keeps your projects secure. If you want to collaborate – NVivo offers a team-based solution too Download the schedule.

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