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 First Board, Online Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration

We downloadhere2 En reemplazo de Sxity, he encontrado esta alternativa para crear un tablero de manera colaborativa donde ir registrado ideas online del trabajo de la pesquisa doctoral pc방 다운로드. Sign up using either Facebook or Google+ account, load your docs, invite the team, start collaborating and brainstorming. Source: My First Board, Online Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration opera 다운로드 Read more →

Research Development Program

Research Development Program General Designed for University of Canberra Graduate Researchers as a platform for sharing information, ideas, support and resources. The site is open to guests, but to be able to participate in discussions you need to login. The site complements face to face workshops Note also that as part of our collaboration with ANU, UC students/staff are invited to attend… Read more →

ConnectedText – The Personal Wiki System

Many people keep their information in different applications. They have files for unstructured information or free text in their editors or word processors—perhaps even in a wiki 마이크로 소프트 윈도우10 다운로드. They keep semi-structured information in outliners or reference managers and have databases for highly structured information, like addresses and inventories Download the Jenkins plugin. ConnectedText is the perfect tool… Read more →


Intuitive / Visual Easy to learn and use, Dedoose has a clean user-experience focused interface to maximize comfort and your ability to capitalize on all its functionality 한글 97. Don’t mistake ease of use with lack of power or features. No, no, no, ease of use means exactly the opposite. Staying keenly tuned (and always listening) to our users is… Read more →

QSR – NVivo for Mac Full License with Educational Price

Use our online shop, pay invoices or quotes online. When it comes to buying our software and services, QSR offers complete convenience. You might be working with qualitative data to evaluate social policy, review patient feedback, research youth culture, or undertake postgraduate research. The challenge with this sort of research is that once you’ve collected your information, what do you with… Read more →